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About Us

With 50 institutions in 28 countries worldwide, SAE Institute is the largest educational network in the field of creative media today. We offer full BA and BSc (Hons) degree of Middlesex University of London, one year SAE Institute diploma studies, as well as a number of professional certification courses. Working in small groups, mentoring, individual practice in professional studios on the high-end equipment and software, we offer the original program by which the most successful producers, animators, editors and film artists were educated. Bring your talent and dreams – everything else you will learn here. Welcome!

Our history

SAE Institute was established as The School of Audio Engineering (SAE) in October 1976 by engineer/producer Tom Misner, who in doing so developed the world's first combined practical and theoretical curriculum in audio engineering. Our unique education system remains the only one of its kind in the world and has since expanded to offer programs in other curriculums such as film making, multimedia and other creative medias. Our first courses began humbly in our own 4-track recording studio however, over the past three decades, SAE has developed into a world-wide network of campuses, boasting some of the most advanced equipment and facilities available to students studying in the creative media industries.

Mission Statement

"Our courses emphasise practical experience and the needs of students and industry. Our students access the latest knowledge and outstanding facilities to enhance their skills. We are globally networked as a professional community in creative media."

We provide academic programmes, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science with Middlesex University, London. We also provide certification courses worldwide in the field of creative media.

Dr. Tom Misner – President and Founder

Academic Board

  • Emeritus Professor Zbys Klich , PhD, Chair
  • Professor Michael Bridger, Vice Chair
  • Dr Steve Watson, PhD, independent academic representative
  • Dr David Salisbury, PhD, independent academic representative
  • Dr Helen Lancaster. PhD, independent academic representative
  • Professor Bruce Molloy, PhD, independent academic representative
  • Mr Geoff Weule, B Mus, Audio Industry Representative
  • Mr Andrew Barr-David, B Appl Sc. And BA, Creative Media Industry Representative
  • Mr Martin Benge, Audio Industry Representative
  • Mr Bruce Mann, Film Industry Representative
  • Mr Peter Simpson, Creative Media Industry Representative
  • Mr Rene Ferm, BA (Hons), Academic Coordinator

SAE Institute Belgrade Staff

Olivera Lazarevic

An extensively proficient senior manager and communications specialist, with years of experience in IT, communication and film production industry. Previously engaged as a Public Information Officer at the EU Info Centre of The Delegation of the European Union to The Republic of Serbia, Special and International Project Adviser and Marketing Director at the Metropolitan University.

As a partner in Dream Company she managed some of the most successful projects in entertainment and movie industry, as well as campaigns for clients. With SiGraf, representative of SGI California, she was involved in a number of IT and communication projects for companies, universities, government, news agencies, etc. She joined SAE team in January 2013.

Marija Lelicanin

Marija Koprivica Lelicanin completed her Masters studies (Master of Business Administration in International Business, MBA) at the MIB School of Management in Italy and accomplished her PhD  degree at the Department for Italian Language and Literature at the Faculty of Philology in Belgrade.

She worked together with a number of Serbian and foreign companies and government institutions on international projects, that involved strategic planning, investments and match making between Italy and Serbia.

Marija’s greatest passion is her educational and research work, as she deeply believes in human potential. She was a lecturer at several cultural and educational institutions at both Serbian and foreign universities. She published a number of scientific articles in scientific journals and international conference proceedings.

Sasa Jankovic

A prolific engineer / mixer, Sasha is truly an industry veteran, and a versatile engineer in his own right. After graduating from SAE London in 1994, he joined famous Black Barn studios where he has improved and gained experience. Consequently, he joined prestigious Parkgate studio in Sussex-England, where he became a senior engineer, and which became his professional base for further freelance bookings as a recording-mixing engineer in various London studios (including London's RAK Studios, among others).

In recent years, Sasha has been busy working in the UK as well as in Balkan Region, taking lead audio engineering roles in various projects, most notably working with some of the most famous names in the music business, such as: The Cure, Paul Weller, Nazareth, Bo Didley , Suede, Dusko Gojkovic, to name a few.

As a senior engineer with the Oxygen Digital Mobile Studios Sasha also worked on numerous film score recording sessions with the Belgrade Film/Pro Arte Orchestra. Motion picture soundtracks include: 88 minutes starring Al Pacino, Say it in Russian, Finding Rin Tin Tin, The Passage, Return To The House On Haunted Hill, Meet the Spartans, Day of the dead, Blaze of glory and The Lightkeepers.

Predrag Milosevic

Following graduation at Faculty of Dramatic Arts (film and television camera), Predrag goes for his true passion and converts it to a profession. Gaining MMA in Digital Arts, he started teaching Master and PhD studies at Belgrade University of Arts.

As far as professional career, Predrag has been involved in many projects within advertising industry, mostly as Creative Director. Project worth mentioning is definitely The Opening Ceremony of 25th Universiade, where Predrag was in charge of Animation. He was heavily involved with Fantasmagorie 2008 (animated film directed by Rastko Ciric) as AD and project supervisor as well as Wintergardens (theater play directed by Nikita Milivojevic) as video artist.

Most of his current work flows around animation and video for theatre. Besides 2D, 3D animation and compositing, this kind of work also involves space mapping of real scenography elements and interactivity with stage performers.

Predrag has been awarded several times for his creativity and animation direction. His dearest would definitely be Special Award of Belgrade for 2009 to NGiO creative team for organizing The Opening and Closing Ceremony of the 25th Universiade.

Vladimir Lelicanin

Vladimir holds a degree in Design in multimedia and has over 20 years of professional experience in programing and digital art. Although he started his career as a radio DJ, host and audio producer, after which he continued to work in advertising agencies, media and as a freelancer, working equally in web development, graphic design, video production, 3D animation and audio production, web development became his greatest passion of all.

Being lucky to be one of the first users of Internet in Serbia, Vladimir started creating HTML web sites in 1995. and few years later he specialized particularly in server-side scripting using PHP and MySQL databases. He has a large portfolio of complex database-driven web applications, mobile applications, working on some of the top national and international clients and projects.

Vladimir is a full stack developer and media generalist constantly expanding his knowledge and skills in the area of web development and UX design. His favorite frameworks are Laravel and Angular JS, but he is also experienced in other frontend and backend technologies like Node JS, jQuery and platforms like Wordpress. He is also running a successful web and mobile development company. In private life, Vladimir is an amateur photographer and a pilot of a glider plane. Web is his biggest passion as well as profession.

Andreja Hamovic

Andreja holds an equivalent of MA degree, earned at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Cinematography section. With photography as his first passion, several solo and group exhibitions, workshops and master courses, exploring the magic world of instant photography and large format Polaroids is his preoccupation at the moment.

Numerous projects in advertising and music industry, and several short features, represent his activity as a Director of Photography, and camera operator, since keeping close to the camera is extremely important to him. Also, several years of experience in TV industry, gives him a natural feeling to it all.

Living and working in an international environment, gave him the opportunity to see himself in a different light, even more as a guest lecturer at the SAE Institute Dubai, UAE. Interaction with young people from all over, inspired his ambitions to pedagogy, as a chance to share his enthusiasm, and keep the magic of creating images alive.

Filip Vlatkovic

Filip holds Master's degree in Sound design and recording at Academy of Arts, Novi Sad University. During studies, his work concentrated both on music and film, later moving mostly to record production and mixing. After graduation, he earned an official Pro Tools operator title during his stay in New York City, where he continued recording and also performed in a singer-songwriter solo outfit.

Known as an active advocate of both old fashioned and highly inovative engineering techniques, he has worked with acts like Neverne Bebe, EKV Revisited, Sasa Lokner, Slaptrap and Azil 5 and mixed sound for picture for award-winning director Zelimir Zilnik, and New York Ripfest short film features.

Igor Bulovic

Having lived and worked in London, Igor has been actively involved in British music production scene, working in various London recording studios, as well as producing and performing with his progressive rock band throughout UK.

Upon his return to Belgrade he joined Oxygen Digital Mobile Recording Studio as an second engineer, where he was privileged to work alongside renowned Sasha Jankovic on various recording projects, ranging from Orchestral recordings with the Pro Arte Orchestra, to more contemporary formats like jazz, rock and pop...

He has also written, produced, credited sound design and original music for various TV programmes, commercials and plays.

Igor is an SAE London alumni.

Bojan Rajacic

Bojan has more than 15 years of experience as a musician, he recorded four studio albums and on one of them he is a fully composed and arranged the music, which was published for national record label “PGP”. He graduate in 2012. on audio production at SAE Institute in Belgrade. Professional work experience in the field of live audio production, gained as: stage technician, monitor-mix engineer and FOH engineer at known cultural institutions such as the "Mixer House" and "Dom Omladine” of Belgrade. In addition, he worked at many festivals in Serbia and the region, such as: "Belgrade Beer Festival", "Belgrade Calling Festival'','' The Belgrade Jazz Festival '', “ Arsenal Festival "in Kragujevac, "Summer Festival" in Budva, "Lake Festival" in Niksic. Also, some of the famous names with whom Bojan worked as local support, are: "Green Day", "Depeche Mode", “Faith No More”,”Pill” (Johnny Rotten from "Sex Pistols") and famous music artists such as Ursula Rucker, Cassandra Wilson and many others.

Interesting information is that Bojan with his current band, "Pop Star" was the opening act at a concert of the band "Deep Purple" at Belgrade “Arena” in 2014.

Stevan Maric

Blockbusters such as “Absolute hundred”, “Ravna gora” and others wouldn’t succeed without people behind the scene, such as Stevan Maric. Movies “The Balkan Rules”, “War Alive”, “Amnesia”, “Women from Dedinje” … almost all popular TV series or movies in Serbia, actually came from Stevan’s editing studio. He graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, in 1996. For years he has been one of the most wanted editors and today he is a leading lecturer at prestigious college for Digital Film Making – SAE Institute Belgrade.

Mina Djukic

Mina Djukic is lecturing directing at SAE Institute, Department for Digital Film Making. She graduated from Faculty of Dramatic Arts, University of Belgrade, and was an producer, director, assistant director and writer for a number of movies, such as "Neposlušni" (2014), "Gotovo mitski" (2003) and "Poslednji kaskader" (2012). She is a co-owner at "Kiselo Dete" production house, and her first full feature film “Disobedient” had it’s world premiere at Sundance Festival official selection in 2014.

Bojana TomasevicUpon graduating in Sound Recording and Design from Belgrade University, Bojana Tomasevic was employed by national broadcaster PINK as host and assistant audio engineer of its recording studio. Having worked on countless projects and albums for both Serbian and international musicians, Bojana brings a wealth of experience to her role as Student Services Coordinator for SAE Institute Belgrade. Always communicative and cheerful, always ready to answer any question, her contribution to Belgrade campus is invaluable.In addition to her passion for music, Bojana is a great admirer of theatre and cinematography.

Nina MilosAfter finishing bachelor degree at Faculty of Political Science in Belgrade, Nina experienced master studies in London, department Global Media and Communication. On return from UK, she worked in international company on the position of Marketing and PR Manager, leading two teams from Russia and Serbia. Moreover, in the high school and at the University, Nina was author and host of different TV and Radio shows, while she was also writing for numerous newspapers. She was TEDx speaker in 2013. Besides a Public Relation, positive and enthusiastic Nina, enjoys in editing of video material and her dancing classes.