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Electronic Music Production

Aquire producing knowledge from one of the most successful electronic music producers in the region, Marko Milicevic a.k.a. Gramophonedzie. Best known for his 2010 single "Why don't you", which has peaked to number 12 on the UK Singles Chart and was on Now 75, he has been awarded as “Best Adria Act” at MTV EMA of the year.

Join this exciting course and learn how to remix, play and produce like PRO.

The Course

Master EMP tools and techniques required to remix, improvise and produce your musical ideas, using Ableton's Live audio and MIDI sequencing software, a sequencer you can play like an instrument. Ableton Live allows you to create sequences in real time, on stage, or while remixing in the studio. You'll learn Live's interface, work within its various views to record and edit audio and MIDI, and explore Live's unique real-time recording and mixing capabilities. Acquire production skills that can be applied to a wide variety of applications from songwriting, to studio production, to laptop dj'ing. By the end of this course, you'll know how to compile live sets from audio and MIDI clips, loops, or samples in real time, and create/record/produce songs in any number of contemporary styles, including drum and bass, R&B, breakbeat / trance and house music.


SAE EMP Certificate (This certificate has advanced standing towards our other programmes)


  • Ableton live


12 weeks (72 hours)


Getting Started with Ableton Live

• An Overview of Ableton Live • Basic Components of the Desktop Studio • Troubleshooting • Live's User Interface • An Introduction to the Arrangement View • The Aesthetics of Music Production • Music Production Analysis • Additional Resources

Exploring the Session View

• An Introduction to the Session View • Launching Individual Clips in the Session View • Launching Clips from Tracks and Rows • Key and MIDI Map Mode

Basics Microphone Use

• Microphone description • Transducers • Condenser • Dynamic • Microphone Usage • Frequency Response Chart • Microphone Practical Music Theory for beginners • Scales • Chords • Chord Progressions • Circle of 5ths Mastering - What is it and Why is it important? • The definition of mastering • Mastering Basics • Compression • EQing • Target Market Critical Analysis of Music • Definition • Genre Lending • Teacher Examples • Student Example

Song Production:

• Developing a Song Production (First Steps) • Adding Clips (Creating an Intro Scene) • Audio Clip Properties • Adding and Modifying Clips (Creating a Second Scene) • Clip Launch Programming • New Song Sections • Creating the Breakdown Section • Variation of A • The Ending • Clip Envelopes • Creative Clip Envelope Editing • Effect Processing in Live • Setting Up Effects • Determining Where Effects Are Needed • Effects as Inserts • Effects on Return Tracks • Audio Effect Racks • Creative Possibilities Using Built-in Effects

The Arrangement View

• Session View Recording to the Arrangement View • Using Locators • Editing in the Arrangement View

Creating A Vocal Track And Mixdown

• Adding a Vocal Sample • Mix Automation • Rendering the Live Demo 2 Song Mix • MP3 File Format

Creating an Original Live Production (Establishing Style)

• The Production Process: Establishing Style • Designing Parts • Working with MIDI • Live's Software Instruments • Making Beats • Drum Racks • Slicing • REX Files • File Management • Instrument Racks • Creating a Groove • Developing a Song Section • Using the Session View to Develop a Song Section • Building a Scratch Vocal • Higher Fidelity Audio • Expanding the Sound Palette • Designing Sounds for the Blue Nova Trip Hop Production • Sound Sources • Submixes • Finalizing Musical Elements • Sound Design Programming Techniques • Song Form • Developing The Arrangement • Refining the Arrangement • The Aesthetics of Mixing • Mixing the "Blue Nova" Production

Is Your Future Live?

• Remix Production • Video Production • Stage Performance • The Akai APC40 • MAX for Live Equipment experience • “Artist” and/or “Player” Test Lab EXAM: Song Presentation and Song Analysis • Presentation of the final song to the class • Teacher Evaluation Lessons delivered by SAE internal lecturer: Several lectures will be delivered by SAE internal lecturers and incorporated in course programme accordingly. Physics of Sound • How does it operate? • Wavelength • Frequency • Pitch • Pitch Recognition via frequencies • Frequency Game

Test Lab

• Testing equipment and experimenting with software • In partnership with Player and Artist System, SAE Institute will make it possible to you to experience a variery of equipment and different software tools.

SAE Institute Belgrade and Artist have come together to offer a special arrangement for Ableton Live. Once you enroll in the course, you can get free trial software and purchase your own license afterwards.

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