Creative Media Education

Animation - VFX / Game Art

BA/BSc (Hons) VFX and Animation


From modelling to 3D animation and motion capture, you’ll learn the critical hands-on elements and processes needed to tell a story and release your ideas from the page.

You will find out how to analyse and design images and animations for a range of professional contexts. We place a strong emphasis on equipping you with the tools you’ll need to manipulate your creations and you’ll gain an understanding of critical pre-production planning processes. You’ll also explore lighting, rendering and camera steps to bring computer generated imagery, environments and particle effects to life.

Your final project includes a professional showreel of your accomplishments demonstrating your practical skills and showcasing your storytelling and artistic talents.


You’ll have access to top specification PC labs running the latest industry standard software and Wacom Intuos tablets.

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Every year boundaries of design are broken with the astounding work achieved by visual effects teams and you could be taking up any number of jobs from Matte Painter to Technical Artist or Character Modeller.

There are SAE graduates in 28 countries across the world, so you’ll have a ready made global community of potential VFX employers and partners to network with.

In Belgrade we work closelz with industrz partners and our students get to know animation companies very well during two years of study. Most of them work now in Bunker VFX, Crater, Eipix, Open Studio and many others.

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