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Can I switch to another branch of SAE during my course?

The best part about studying as part of an international institution means you have the opportunity to relocate to any one of our global colleges throughout the duration of your course. Bear in mind the courses around the world commence at different times so it is best to check with your local manager to ensure continuity of studies.

Can I get Recognition for Prior Learning (RPL)?

If you want to apply for RPL the steps are as follows:

  1. Match your experience and/or prior education to the modules outlined in the course prospectus
  2. If you feel you are already qualified in certain modules, indicate this to us in writing when you hand in your student application. This will need to be supported by academic and/or professional proof.
  3. The academic assessment panel will review your request for RPL on a module for module basis and will inform you of their decision, which is non-negotiable.

Do you offer post-graduate courses?

Once you have achieved your undergraduate qualifications there is opportunity for post-graduate study, from Masters to Doctorate levels, through our International Graduate School located in Oxford (UK). Courses are available internally on campus, or online as part of distance education. For details visit our Graduate College website


What is a supervisor?

Supervisors are teachers who do not conduct formal classes but who oversee and offer assistance to students working on practical assignments. There is always at least one supervisor on duty to help you during the College’s opening hours.

What important considerations should I think about when choosing to study at SAE?

Our institution has been well established for over 30 years and we are the only college of our kind whose qualifications are recognised and accepted internationally. Our buying power enables us to provide you with the very best selection of equipment and our limited enrollment guarantees you will have substantial access to it. Another important advantage is the trimester structure at SAE, which enables you to complete your course and join the workforce in an accelerated time.

What kind of employment opportunities can I look forward to after completing my SAE course?

Upon completion of your course many job opportunities will be made available to you as an SAE graduate. The unique hands-on and practical approach of study at SAE ensures that you will learn the techniques and practices needed to maximise your chances of a career once your studies are complete. Past graduates have found work in their chosen specialised industry and those who have graduated from our degree programs have found employment opportunities extend even beyond these areas. Once you have completed your studies, you will also have the opportunity to join our Alumni Association, which provides graduates with a very active job placement service. In the vast and growing entertainment industries.

Can I defer my course?

It is possible for you to defer your study at quarterly exit points during your course, provided we receive an application from you in writing. If you choose to defer, you will have the option to rejoin future classes within a maximum one-year period from the date of your deferment.

What is the SAE Store and how do I gain access to it?

You must be a current SAE student or SAE Alumni member to gain access to our discount store. The store provides a large selection of study material, software and equipment at discount prices.

What is the SAE Alumni Association?

The SAE Alumni Association has been set up as a way to keep graduates in touch. As an Alumni member you can search for and find other alumni or just look for special offers from various manufacturers and SAE partners around the globe. There is also an active online job terminal where you can search for job opportunities that await you and a yearly Alumni conference.

Can I stop after the first year of studies?

Yes. Should you wish to, make sure to notify us by no later than 6 weeks before the end of your course for your cancellation to be approved.